Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tips for hiring a Mobility Scooter

When you're off on holiday it can often be a pain to transport your mobility scooter with you. Most scooters are bulky and not suited to car or train journeys and definitely not plane travel.

Whether you're visiting Blackpool (where we live) or Lanzarote, it makes sense therefore to hire a mobility scooter, rather than struggling with your own.

There are a few things however, that you need to consider when renting one.

Mobility Scooter Hire Advice

These handy tips should help to make sure your holiday is trouble free.

  • Insurance - Does the cost of hire include mobility scooter insurance and if so, what does it cover and what is the excess?

    Make sure that you're covered if you injure someone, damage the scooter and / or public property or if it is stolen. Otherwise it could turn out to be a very expensive holiday!

  • Operating Hours - Are they available seven days a week? Can you hire the scooter on any day and perhaps more importantly, is there someone you can call if it goes wrong?

    If you hire the scooter from a shop that's only open 9am - 5pm on weekdays, how do you return it if you're going home on the Sunday? And what if the battery dies on Saturday?

  • Delivery / Collection - Do they offer a delivery and collection service to and from your hotel, guesthouse or caravan park?

    This means you don't have to travel to their premises before you book into your accommodation or drop it off on your way home.

  • Hidden Charges - Look out for any hidden extras, particularly with cheap foreign hirers when travelling abroad.

    Plus, be aware of any penalty charges for things like late return.

  • Scooter Range - Ask the range of the scooter you'll be hiring. When on holiday, you tend to get about quite a bit more than you might normally during the day.

    Make sure the scooters they offer are up to the task.

  • Hotel Suitability - Finally, verify that your hotel, guesthouse or other accommodation has facilities for mobility scooters.

    Do they have access ramps, a sheltered area to leave it overnight and somewhere to charge it?

If you think we've missed anything, why not comment below and we'll add it to the list.

Read Mobility Workshop

If by any chance you're visiting Blackpool or anywhere else on the Fylde Coast such as Fleetwood, Cleveleys, Bispham, St Annes or Lytham, the good news is that Read Mobility Workshop score well on all of the above

All our hire scooters come with insurance, a good range and delivery and collection if you require it. We operate 7 days a week and can even suggest local hotels which are mobility scooter friendly.

Sadly though, if you're planning a trip to Lanzarote, that's a little out of our range!

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