Tuesday 14 January 2014

Can anyone use a mobility scooter?

With petrol prices remaining at record levels and wages being frozen for several years, many people in the UK are looking for a cheaper mode of transport for their daily commute.

Not surprisingly, a few might be considering whether or not they could use a mobility scooter?

Sadly not. Unlike the ill-fated Sinclair C5 of the mid 1980s, mobility scooters are classed as invalid carriages.

So, whilst the larger Class 3 8mph scooters may be road legal, they can only be used by a non-disabled person in the following circumstances:

An otherwise fine plan scuppered, eh?

Not to worry. Although you cannot use a mobility scooter as a vehicle if you're not disabled, there are other cheaper alternatives to cars.

If you're travelling less than 25 miles a day, an electric bike may be the answer. And before you complain about the British weather, take a look at this blog article about cycling in Denmark.

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